*Mobile* Ringtone Performance at the 2013 Americans for the Arts Convention


On Friday, June 14, 2013, I’ll be at the Americans for the Arts Convention in Pittsburgh doing a *Mobile* Ringtone Performance. My appearance is sponsored by the Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council, and I’ve prepared a very special series Pittsburgh ringtones for the event, featuring the above participants and/or sounds. The 10 new art cards include, from left to right: the Dilworth Drumroll Ringtone, Nermal’s Meow Tone, Erok’s Bicycle Bell Ringtone (2nd most downloaded tone in the project), Arrington de Dionyso’s Throat Singing Tone, the Uniontown Poultry Hall Ringtone, Balkan Babe’s Ja Posijam Lane Ringtone, the Welcome to Xenon Ringtone, Daniel Striped Tiger’s Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood Tone (most downloaded tone in the project), the Afro-American Music Institute’s Boy’s Choir Ringtone and the Homestead Train Whistle Ringtone.

What is a *Mobile* Ringtone Performance?

During this 100% *mobile* and self-contained performance, I use my cell phone and re-chargeable battery-operated equipment to broadcast and amplify select tones from my public art project, Locally Toned. I also pass out a limited number of art cards featuring photographs of tone collaborators on the front, and tiny URLs and QR codes on the back, so that users may download specific tones to their cell phones. All equipment (broadcast and visual media) for the performance is lightweight and “wearable,” allowing the me to traverse almost anywhere to perform.

Here’s a diagram of my ringtone performance get-up:


Here’s a sample ringtone art card (front and back):

This art card features artist Casey Droge and her cat Nermal

This art card features Pittsburgh artist Casey Droge with her cat Nermal

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