T. Foley (Photo by Jen Morris)

This blog follows Locally Toned, artist T. Foley’s original ringtone creation/public art project.

Locally Toned is a not-for-profit venture that involves individuals or small groups in the creation of original ringtones, and then provides the free tones to the public via a Web distribution. This art project utilizes the airspace as public property for purposes of sonic transmission. The work “performs itself” when Locally Toned participants receive calls on their cell phones. The goals of the project are technological empowerment, community service and the substitution of a system of shared creativity for one of commerce (the distribution of music industry ringtones). The artist’s project was realized and supported within deeplocal‘s Old and New Media Residency program (with additional support from co-host and bookmaking collective Encyclopedia Destructica).


T. Foley, a conceptual artist, makes videos, performances, and public art projects. 

Described as a “Jenny Appleseed of media literacy,” Foley designs and facilitates experiences that empower people to access, analyze and/or produce media for themselves. Through her ongoing public art project, Locally Toned, Foley helps the public create original ringtones that are shared free-of-charge via the Web. She has conducted ringtone recording sessions with communities in Berlin, Germany; Valencia, Spain; Bridgeport, CT; and Pittsburgh, PA. In 2011, Locally Toned was included in “It’s for You,” Conceptual Art and the Telephone, at the Housatonic Museum of Art in Bridgeport, CT. The exhibition featured telephone-inspired artworks by artists like Hannah Wilke, John Cage, Christian Marclay, Yoko Ono and Adrian Piper.

She has directed artist-led initiatives at Pittsburgh Filmmakers, The STUDIO for Creative Inquiry at Carnegie Mellon University, the True/False Film Festival in Columbia, MO, and in New Mexico, at GirlsFilmSchool, and the Center for Contemporary Arts. She was an invited discussant in the MacArthur Foundation’s Digital Media and Learning Online Forum in the area of Race and Ethnicity, and has been the recipient of a fellowship at the IDEAS Institute (a program within the Lifelong Kindergarten Group) at MIT’s Media Laboratory.

Foley’s video works have screened internationally, and she has received commissions from the Mattress Factory, Pittsburgh’s First Night, and City of Asylum. She has produced music videos for independent recording artists Puerto Muerto and Erin McKeown.

Foley holds a BA in English Literature, and studied film/video production as an independent student. She has received fellowships from the STUDIO for Creative Inquiry, the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, and The Pittsburgh Foundation, and was awarded residencies by Pittsburgh Filmmakers, Deeplocal (a new media design firm) and Encyclopedia Destructica, the Atlantic Center for the Arts, and The Banff Centre. She lives and works in Los Angeles and Pittsburgh.

Her work developing Locally Toned was initially supported within the structure of a new corporate residency program with deeplocal (a Pittsburgh-based mobile software design, development, and strategy studio) and the arts/bookmaking collective Encyclopedia Destructica. Her partner, Scott Davidoff, revised locallytoned.org in 2013.

Visit her website:  www.tfoley.info.



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