Hey! Are these tones free?

Yes. One of the goals of the project is to replace a system of commerce (the distribution of music industry tones) with one of shared creativity (these collaboratively produced tones).

How can I get these tones on my phone?

Not every cell phone is capable of receiving picture, video or audio messages, so make sure your phone has that capability before trying to download.

Head over to the project’s distribution site (http://www.locallytoned.org/) to download or email mp3s or iPhone formatted files (m4rs) to yourself. This Blog  archives the ringtones in mp3 format only.

If you have an iPhone, follow these directions at WikiHow.com (be sure to scroll down to “Method Two: Installing Third-Party Ringtones”). For phones that utilize mp3s, refer to the directions within your phone’s instruction manual. You may also ask  a representative at your cell phone service provider to tell or show you how–give them a call or take your phone into one of their retail outlets. In my experience, service providers seem happy to do this for their customers.

You may also download the mp3 files from older posts on the Blog, on specific ringtone mp3 pages (such as this one). Click the little black (downward pointing) triangle on the far right side of the QuickTime Player, and select Save as Source.  Save it to your computer where you’d like to store it, and then, if your phone is able to receive MMS messages, send an email (from any email account you have) to your phone and attach the mp3 file. You have to know your cell phones MMS email address to send the message.

Every cell phone has an email address?

Yes! Every cell phone has an email address, and different carriers have different email addresses for their phones. In some cases the service provider has two email addresses for each phone (one capable of sending and receiving SMS or text only messages; the other capable of sending and receiving MMS or multimedia, as in photos, video or audio files as messages). For example, to send a ringtone to my Verizon LG eNV phone, I open up a new email and type my 10 digit phone number + @vzwpix.com in the To line of the new email. An address to a Verizon phone capable of receiving MMS messages would look like this:  123456789@vzwpix.com.

Once the mp3 gets to your phone, you should be able to play it back and find a way to select Save as Ringtone (I can, very easily, on my LG eNV!). Some phones have more complex systems for saving and setting ringtones. I recommend refering to your phone’s manual or contacting your cell phone serive provider for assistance. The providers have been more than happy to walk my friends through this process.

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