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Assemble Tone Series (Pittsburgh, PA)

Nina Marie Barbuto is a self-described instigator, maker and learner. She also runs Assemble, a friendly art and technology space in the Penn Avenue Arts District (in Pittsburgh’s Garfield neighborhood). While taking this photograph of Nina outside the space, several neighborhood folks passed by. “Hey,” she said, “how are you? Wanna come in and make something? It’s ringtones today!”

Lulan (left) and Sara (right) work on a sign inviting people into Assemble to make ringtones

During Locally Toned’s community ringtone recording session on a Saturday afternoon, the space became enlivened by children and adults who dropped in to write, draw, build things or make ringtones. And thanks to Assemble’s hospitality, eight new Pittsburghers have contributed tones to the project.

First up is Nina Marie Barbuto’s Assem-Bell Tone. You hear this sound as soon as you walk in the door at 5125 Penn Avenue. Left behind by a former tenant, Nina chose this welcoming sound as her ringtone.

Our next ringtone-maker was Sara, a 3rd grader who loves to draw, “and I’m good at it,” she offered. Her concept was simple–the sound of Shhh! “If you are in a movie when someone calls you but you can’t answer the phone, people around you won’t know your phone is ringing. They will just think someone is shushing someone.” Here’s her sneaky Shush! Tone.

Jaden is a very literate 1st grader who likes to play on computers (and with blocks, as the evidence below will show). Here’s his, Hey, Excuse Me! Ringtone. He thought it would be funny to make a ringtone that reminds you (over and over again) to answer your phone.

The community ringtone recording session and the tone series created at Assemble were made possible by a generous grant from The Fine Foundation.

Scroll down to see more pictures from our collaboration on 11/19/2011.

Jaden and Ben Saks work with blocks at Assemble

Sign by Lulan (with Sara's help): "Seeking Local Sounds for Public Art"

Awesome drawing of a cell phone by Lulan

Wanna make a ringtone? You've gotta fill out a form!

Sara and Jaden fill out their ringtone forms


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