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Photo Documentation of Locally Toned TV

A photo montage by Anna Lee Fields. Below are selected photos she took during the recording of Locally Toned TV at the Waffle Shop, July 9, 2010.

From the outside in (color).

From the outside in (with calendar), black and white.

Donnell Pearl as the cool *cat* who interviewed me.

Lenka Clayton, artist and temporary Waffle Shop staff member, works the controls.

Setting up a shot.

Gettin’ ready for the show (long shot).

Encyclopedia Destructica (Christopher Kardambikis and Jasdeep Khaira), one of Locally Toned’s Old and New Media Residency co-hosts. They were my first guests. We visited about their creative contributions to Locally Toned.

Justin Hopper, this year’s Old and New Media Resident Artist, was up next on the show. He talked about his project, Public Record, and brought his goldfish on the show–wanted me to get a tone from the little dude. That didn’t happen…

Artist Ayanah Moor, ringtone contributor and informal project adviser came on the show to perform a new ringtone.

Video and filmmaker (and ringtone contributor) Caleb Foss ran camera for Locally Toned TV.

Video artist and musician Keith Tassick performed his famously subtle *Ring*tone live!

Dave English took time away from his television show to be a guest on Locally Toned TV, too.

Spontaneous ringtone contributor Ricardo Iamuuri plays the hand harmonica (a harmonica made from only his hands).

Another spontaneous ringtone contributor–Christine “Scout” Smith played a lovely tune on her concertina.

Contributor Scott Davidoff (a.k.a. Edith Leadbottom).

Turadg Aleahmad, accompanist on the Mayan Horn, and Ms. Edith Leadbottom rehearse the ringtone, “You Are the One for Me.”

As the show is winding down…

Thanks to Anna Lee Fields for the lovely photos, and to the Waffle Shop, all the guests and audience members.

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Xenon Pinball Tones


It was fun learning about this machine, Bally’s Xenon, from PAPA Team members Steve Eckert and Dave Baach. Steve, the game tech, hooked me up with the audio and actually played the game so I could get interesting bits, and Dave told me, “the sound for this game was made by a woman–an awesome electronics composer named Suzanne Ciani.”


Then my superbly informed project advisor (and awesome artist) Hyla Willis sent me a link on Facebook saying, “I love the Xenon ringtone. Was suprised to find that it was composed by an early female electronic music pioneer. Good video of the project here (check the fingernails!).”

I watched the video this morning and it is awesome. It’s from a 1981 television series called Omni:  The New Frontier with host (world class actor, now deseased) Peter Ustinov. If you want a good chuckle, make sure you watch it to hear Ustinov’s prediction at the very end of the story.  Gotta love those futuristic predictions! Especially about women’s jewlery…


I made some fab sounding tones from the game’s electro-synth-audio. The Xenon Pinball Melody Tone (so named cause it’s mostly the clunky-sounding melody from this early 1980s game plus the satisfying “aah” sound the game makes when you feed her quarters/tokens) and the Xenon (Pinball) Tone (including sounds from game power up, coin up, start up and play).

Pinball Art Card: Xenon Detail

Pinball Art Card: Xenon Detail

I also made two pinball art cards featuring the Xenon images–they’ll be distributed at the championships this weekend during my *mobile* ringtone performance scheduled (weather permitting) from 4-6pm.

Can you see the little curly lines on this Xenon Pinball Art Card?

Can you see the little curly lines on this Xenon Pinball Art Card?

BTW, the images from the game were challenging to photograph (even with the glass off–the board has such fine line detail on it). When I showed one of the Xenon cards to the game tech (Steve) today, he said that the tiny little curly looking lines in the photographic images were ball marks–“wear and tear” marks from the balls bouncing around and around the machine.  As my friend Justin Hopper would say, “How cool is that?”


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Pandemic Global Dance Night Applause Tone


My pal, writer and DJ Justin Hopper (a.k.a. Juddy) invited me to the July 3rd Pandemic Global Dance Night at Brillobox to record a ringtone.  Juddy and his mates Caulen Kress, Pete Spynda have been doing these nights for over three years.


Juddy with Caulen in Background

It took me a couple of days to figure out what I could successfully capture with a big crowd of dancing, sweating people in the room, but it finally came to me while soaking in a hot bath after a workout at the gym:  the sound of applause!


Tara Merenda Nelson–originator of Tara’s Affirmational Tone–had conceived of an idea that incorporated the sound of applause, but she wasn’t into the idea of an applause “solo” as a ringtone.  I  loved the idea, and figured, heck–what better sound to put into tone rotation when you are feeling super down and need an adoring pick-me-up?   When we recorded the Pandemic Applause Tone, I felt inclined to lean back and away from the crowd.  They were mighty powerful clappers, shouters and yellers.  It was awesome!  Juddy did and incredible job at getting folks to clap and cheer and shout, so thanks for your contribution to the project, Mr. Hopper!  This tone is officially dedicated to all those folks who come out to dance and party and sweat at Pandemic Global Dance Nights!  Here is the link to the tone on locallytoned.org.  Very easy to send/MMS to phones over there…


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