Joseph Lewendowski’s Medieval Bird Call Ringtone (Uniontown Poultry Association)

Joseph Lewendowski, pictured here holding holding one of his prize-winning birds, was one of the younger participants at this year’s Uniontown Poultry Association‘s Fall Show. When asked if he’d like to contribute a sound to the ringtone project, his answer was an energetic yes. “Medieval bird calls,” he said, “the kind archers would use to help them ambush people when they were out fighting in the woods!”

Here’s Joseph’s striking Medieval Bird Call Tone, in which he performs two separate calls repeated throughout the 23-second track. Thanks to Joseph for his fine contribution, and his family who allowed him to participate in the project. This is the fourth in a series of six ringtones recorded live at the Uniontown Poultry Association’s Fall 2011 Show.


This ringtone recording session was made possible by a generous grant from The Fine Foundation.

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