Liesa Stiller’s American Buff Goose Tone (Uniontown Poultry Association)

Meet Uniontown Poultry Association member Liesa Stiller and her champion “Mamma” goose. Mamma is an American Buff Goose, described on the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy‘s (ALBC) Website as a “calm and docile” breed of goose. Well, not if a stranger puts a mic in front of them! These geese honked and hissed away for this American Buff Goose Tone, the third ringtone in the Uniontown Poultry Association Series. You can read more about Locally Toned’s visit to the Association’s Fall 2011 Poultry Show here.

I asked Liesa to tell me about her geese. “My family had Embden geese when I was a child, so when I first received my Buffs I was a little wary of them. Embdens are not at all docile–at least that was my childhood experience. But these American Buffs are true to their form and are very docile, almost playful and sweet. I’ve had them for about 2 years now. You might not think of geese as being at all curious, but they are incredibly curious. I have a bucket with little pieces of scrap wood in it, and whenever I let them near it, they will empty out the bucket and there will be little pieces of wood all over my lawn. I’ve also had to replace the bagger on my lawn mower because they nibbled the bag off the metal frame. Silly geese–but I love them.”

Thanks to Liesa Stiller and her geese for their honking good contribution to Locally Toned. Scroll down for a few more pics.

ABOVE: T. Foley sets audio levels. Photo by Scott Davidoff.

This ringtone recording session was made possible by a generous grant from The Fine Foundation.


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