Phat Man Dee’s Blue Torch Tone

Phat Man Dee (Mandy L Kivowitz-Delfaver) has been described as the Peggy Lee of punk and a cosmic jazz chanteuse. She lives in Pittsburgh, but has perfromed in  NY, San Fran, LA, Philadelphia and every where in between. “Here I tend to perform at the Shadow Lounge, the Backstage Bar and at Little E’s Jazz Club–but if there are burlesque dancers, belly dancers or punk rock cirucus clowns, I’m bound to be there as well.” In fact, Phat Man Dee covered a lot of territory when she left college to hit the road as a glass eating, cello-playing, tap dancing performer known as Mistah Sistah Phat Man Dee, a half-man/half-woman vaudeville act.

For Locally Toned, she improvised a melody from her song “Torch of Blue,” the title track from her second full-length jazz album. “That’s from 2006,” she said, “I wrote the title song with my husband, Tommy Amoeba, and my bassist Tony DePaolis.” Here’s Phat Man Dee’s Blue Torch Tone. You can listen to the longer track here.

Since some vocalists and musicians might prefer to sell a ringtone rather than give one away for free, I asked Man Dee about her decision to contribute a tone to this project. “I liked the idea of a digital representation, or audio snippets, of people in the community on cell phones. I wanted my voice to be heard along with other Pittsburgh people and activities that you’ve recorded.”

Delighted to have your voice in the project–thanks Phat Man Dee, for sharing your talent with Locally Toned!


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