Day Old Chick Ringtone

Happy Spring 2011! Here’s a Day Old Chick Ringtone sent in by Cris Amann from Upstate New York. “This past spring, we had two chicks hatch and I recorded a short video of a peeping chick on my phone.” Chris thought this tone would be a great identifier for folks who raise (or have) chickens (like she does).

I thought one little chirp would make a good pic or text message alert, so here’s an additional tone from the Amann family–the Day Old Chick Text Message Alert.


These tones are very lo-fidelity (and DIY). The audio was recorded with a cell phone. To make this ringtone, Chris turned the video from her phone (a .3g2 file) into a .mov file. I exported the audio from the movie clip as an mp3 file for distribution.


I found the chick drawing on a Website called–it appeared in The Nursery, A Monthly Magazine for Youngest Readers Vol XIII – No. 4 (published in 1873). The illustrator is unknown.

Thanks Chris, for your really sweet submission to Locally Toned!

Still from Cris Amann's cell phone video of a day old cheeping chick

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