Amarillis’s La Bastringue Tone

Amarillis is an all-female, Pittsburgh-based folk trio that began playing music together 25 years ago. “We’re internationally known,” one of the players told me, “we’ve played in Canada. Twice!”

The musicians–Maro Avakian (piano), Allison Thompson (concertina) and Donna Isaac (violin)–are also well known by Pittsburghers who attend contra, English country, waltz and couple dance events. I recently attended a Sunday afternoon waltz at the Wilkins School Community Center in Regent Square to capture images of them in one of their local playing habitats.

Here’s their La Bastringue Tone. The ladies told me that the song is a Québécois circle dance. I asked Amarillis why they submitted this particular recording to Locally Toned. “We were thinking that when your phone rings,  you need to be able to hear it–this one starts off loud and proud, with a one-two-three-four count.”

Thanks to Amarillis for their lovely and lively ringtone contribution. Scroll down to see more photos from the Sunday dance.


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