Türkenmarkt Klingelton/Turkish Market Ringtone (Berlin, Germany)

The last Ringtone Reconnaissance Mission I went on in Berlin was to the Türkenmarkt (Turkish Market) in the Kreuzberg. The twice-weekly (Tuesday and Friday) market runs along the lovely banks of the Landwehrkanal (Landwehr Canal) for almost half a mile. I went there the first day I arrived in Berlin, thanks to my gracious host André who 1) picked me up at the airport, 2) gave me a drive-by tour of Berlin and then 3) took me straight to the Turkish market for breakfast, coffe and the best fresh fruit and vegetables I’d find during my 3-week stay in the city.

If you’ve been there, you’ve probably noticed the soundscape once the market is busy. Men call out to customers in loud sing-song voices. I detected a mix of Turkish, German and English in their calls. Here’s the Türkenmarkt Klingelton–in it you’ll hear the voices of three different sellers, some footsteps, background conversation and perhaps the rustle of a plastic bag. This tone is dedicated to all who know the market–especially those who work and shop there, and to André, who took me to the market for the first time.

More market snapshots:



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2 responses to “Türkenmarkt Klingelton/Turkish Market Ringtone (Berlin, Germany)

  1. Neat ones. I like the sounds of open air markets.

    I have some recordings from the Kumbh Mela festival, from last spring, that I’ve been meaning to make into tones. If you’re interested, take a look at the various homemade tones I’ve made over the years.

    • Thanks, Ryan! BTW–LOVE your tones–esp. the Morse Code tone letting you know your phone is ringing. Photos are lovely, too. Maybe we should talk about featuring that tone on my site? If so, I’d want to do a tiny interview to write a blog post about you. Let me know.

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