Tones from the Open Ringtone Recording Session at N.K./Part III (Berlin, Germany)

Andres Roman is a visual artist from Spain. He brought a small fan and some inflated plastic packaging (the sort that would encase a photo copier toner refill) to our Open Ringtone Recording Session in Berlin. We all discovered that playing that kind of plastic packaging against a small fan has a sort of raspberries effect–here’s his humorous Fan Toner Tone.

Arrgh! I can’t believe I forgot to take a photograph of the composer and sound researcher, Ricardo Climent (presently a resident of Manchester, England)! So I stole this one of him from the Inner-Webs of the Internets:

Thankfully, I didn’t forget to take a picture of the old Berlin mechanical clock he found at the Mauerpark Flohmarkt (the flea market at Mauer Park).

Ricardo opened up the back of the clock, pointed out that there was a little carillon inside, and then he used a set of keys to play the clock as an instrument. I chose one of his carillon key gesture “takes” from the audio I recorded, and repeated the phrase for his lovely El reloj de l’abuela (Grandmother’s Clock) Ringtone.

Numcy Behrendt, a financial adviser and a musician who plays guitar, piano and bass, brought in two instruments he usually does not play to our workshop–a güiro and a pan pipe.

I chose a short take from Numcy’s innagural flute-playing track to make this Pan Pipe Alert (the perfect length for a text or picture message alert).

And here’s his Numcy’s T(r)icky Metal Güiro Tone.

That does it for the S.Low Projekt Open Ringtone Recording Session series, but there are still more Berlin tones a comin’. Thanks to today’s Locally Toned contributors–Andreas, Ricardo and Numcy!

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