Tones from the Open Ringtone Recording Session at N.K./Part II (Berlin, Germany)

Meet Aitana! She’s 9 years old, has a vast stuffed animal collection and goes to school in Manchester, England.

She brought two sound-making devices to the S.LOW Projekt-affiliated workshop at N.K. to turn into ringtones. Her first, a brief text (or picture) message alert, was made with this little plush, pull-string animal. Mousie Motor Message Alert consists of the sound of the little mouse scampering over a plastic chair.

Aitana also brought this little creature in with his very own YOU SHOULD BE A RINGTONE badge. I loved it!

This is a wonderful instrument Aitana made during a Chiptune Marching Band workshop at N.K.

The homemade instrument has a wind up handle and sensors on it, and depending upon which sensors are in use, the device will make quite different sounds. The audio file we liked best came when Aitana cranked the handle and utilized the light-sensor. Here is her Chip Tune Tone. Personally, I think it sounds like elephant-type animals that live on some far off planet in space!

Phil Tesner, a.k.a. “Renset,” is originally from the United States. Nowadays he lives in Berlin and works with electronics and experimental sound. He came to the workshop with a few of his handmade devices to play. You may have recognized him from the magical photo I posted on the blog yesterday of him as the kick off image to this series of tones.

His first ringtone was made by applying an induction coil to a turned-on video projector. To record this audio, we went straight out of Renset’s device, into a sound board and then out into my recorder. Here’s his Induction Coil Tone.

This is Renset’s awesome sound-making device made from the innards of a CD player. I thought it would work best as a text or picture message alert. Here’s Renset’s CD Player Oscillator Alert.

There are still more tones to come from the N.K. workshop, so be sure to stay “toned.”   😉

Thanks to Aitana and Renset for their wonderful contributions to the project!


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