Tones from the Open Ringtone Recording Session at N.K./Part I (Berlin, Germany)

Last Friday I headed out to N.K., an artist run independent non-profit organization in Berlin that is dedicated to Sound Arts for my Open Ringtone Recording Session as part of my work for S.LOW Projekt. We recorded a total of 17 tracks during the workshop, and since ten or more ringtones/message alerts will be published from the session, I’ll blog about and publish 3-5 tones each day.

First in the series is a tone from the artist Iain McCurry (from Northern Ireland). He brought in an old typewriter which was found at the Mauerpark Flohmarkt (the flea market at Mauer Park). Here’s Iain’s Mercedes Typewriter Tone. He said wanted to record the sound of this typewriter  “because it’s the sound of a beautiful piece of [older] mechanics amidst today’s highly tech-driven world.”

Artist Gail Ritchie (from Belfast, Ireland) showed up with her Swedish orthopedic clogs, and requested that the microphone remain in a fixed position as she ran down the hallway. You’ll hear her fast footwork on concrete in her ringtone entitled Arrival. Since it was a short “take” I looped (repeated) the audio file to turn it into a ringtone.

Jonathan Reus, who’s presently an invited artist-in-residence at N.K., brought his beautiful orange Magnus Organ (also found at the Mauerpark Flohmarkt) to our session. We all noticed that it was very loud upon start-up, and since I loved the fluctuating “white noise” that it made, I requested that we record that sound first. Here’s the quiet Magnus Organ Turn-On Tone. Jonathan then played a sweetly sad (or perhaps haunting, said another workshop attendee) melody for the Magnus Organ Ringtone.

That’s not all, folks–stay tuned for more tones from this series.

Thanks to Iain, Gail and Jonathan for their contributions to Locally Toned, Berlin!


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