Vuvuzela Horn-Player Solidarity Tones


Vuvuzela Flag by T. Foley


Blow your own vuvuzela in solidarity with the stadium horn players in South Africa!

In honor of the (for now) resolved World Cup 2010 controversy regarding the blowing of the South African horns, Locally Toned is proud to release two vuvuzela tones. The first is a 28-second Vuvuzela Ringtone, the second is a shorter (single note) Vuvuzela Text Message Alert.


Wikimedia Commons image by Berndt Meyer


The plastic horns are a standard feature of the South African stadium soundscape–football fans blow them to goad and motivate their teams. But at this year’s World Cup, a number of international broadcasters, players and fans complained about the noisy drone. And then there’s the issue of public health–the AFP (Agence France-Presse) recently reported that “football fans attending the World Cup risk permanent damage to their hearing from the vuvuzela horns.”

Does that last quote remind you of another popular tone in this public art project, the G20 LRAD (Long-Range Acoustic Device) Tone submitted by Carl Cimini)? Aw, heck–drone or tone, decide for yourself what you think of the sound!

Many thanks are due to people around the world who helped get this tone out there–Fereshteh Toosi for suggested the idea, and Hyla Willis sent information about the vuvuzela. Scott Davidoff helped tutor me in OminGraffle so I could design and make the vuvuzela flag. Members of the Acoustic Ecology listserve–Michael Rüsenberg (RealAmbient) connected Locally Toned to Derek Holzer ( who directed me to the Wikipedia link for the Vuvuzela “Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0” audio file). The most special thanks, however, go to Wikimedia Commons user DisillusionedBitterAndKnackered who posted the original Ogg Vorbis sound file to generously share with others.


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