Locally Toned to Record Ringtone Live on This Week’s Unemployment Show

PSSST! T. Foley will be on The Unemployment Show this Saturday night (June 12, 2010) at the Waffle Shop to record a fabulous new ringtone. Described as “unemployment talk, sketch comedy, and irreverent views from your host David T. English,” the show is popular–last week’s show was packed. So get there early if you’d like to get a seat and chow down on some yummy waffles in a cool television set environment.

You may recognize Dave’s name–he’s the fellow who forced the wayward puppet Nicky the Ninny to contribute a tone to the project.

DOUBLE PSSST! Foley will host her own Locally Toned Television shows at the Waffle Shop on Friday July 9th (11pm-1am) and Sunday July 11th (11am-1pm–a family-friendly open ringtone recording session!). Mark your calendars now!

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