New Short Code (25252) for Locally Toned

Locally Toned is transferring to a new short code–25252. Yippee!

The new short code works much better! The old short code, 79649 (which seemed to be causing some trouble, even for my phone), will be discontinued/obsolete in a few days. So stop using it. NOW.

What is short code? It is used as part of a method to deliver ringtones directly to cell phones, via MMS (multi media messaging). It’s one of the ways folks may send/issue requests to Locally Toned to have ringtones sent right back to their very own cell phones. You may have noticed it on the backs of project art cards and on the Locally Toned (ringtone) distribution site, in sentences like this:  “Text TONES 231 to 25252 to get this tone sent to your phone.”

Mucho thanks to deeplocal for today’s technical upgrade, with special thanks to their CTO David Evans, who maneuvered that big switch today. Dave also made some adjustments on the back end of the Locally Toned site to allow mp3s to be sent directly to iPhones (he wanted one tone in particular for his iPhone).

Please note that if you’re an iPhone user, you’ll still need to convert the files to the m4r format–a recipe for that is here.


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