Listener’s Request: Siren Text Message Alert

Today’s tone, the Siren Text Message Alert (from With These Hands) is an excerpted and slightly tweaked version from a series of tones I produced last fall with Ron Baraff at Rivers of Steel in Homestead, PA. The request for a shortened version came in from Locally Toned supporter, smart home researcher and designer Scott Davidoff, who recently loaded the longer version of the tone on his phone as a text message alert.

The original tone/siren sound comes from an industrial/safety film called “With These Hands,” shot in McKeesport in 1956. As Ron Baraff explained to Locally Toned last fall, the siren goes off in the film every time a flag waves to show the viewer that something dangerous is about to happen.

I think it sounds like the kind of siren you’d hear in a 1950’s movie about an alien invasion. The posters above are from a Rivers of Steel mill-safety exhibition.

The idea for shortening the original tone came while having lunch in a local restaurant, as the ringtone went off on Scott Davidoff’s phone. The phone was in Scott’s pocket, and we noticed nearby diners curiously looking around the restaurant, smiling and wondering where the siren sound was coming from. “Could it be shortened?” Davidoff asked.

“Could it be shortened!” I answered.

Click on this link to get the shortened version of the tone for your phone.


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