Hey, y’all, Happy Women’s History Month! Time to meet the ladies/current members of LUPEC (Black Monday, Woo-Woo, Ruby Manhattan, Honolulu Lulu, Whiskey Daisy, Frivolous Filly, White Witch and Stella CanCan)! Although they boast 11 chapters worldwide, this feminist group, Ladies United for the Preservation of Endangered Cocktails (LUPEC), was founded here in Pittsburgh in 2001. Though they are a private group, they generally share their drink-makin’ expertise and women’s history by conducting at least one public event each month.

I met them for a ringtone recording session at a Sunday afternoon meeting, post snow-storm, this February. The members of LUPEC meet monthly and have “no more than 12” members at a time. When I asked why, the reply came quickly, “How many cocktail glasses do you have at your house?” I knew this visit would be a lot of fun.

The members of LUPEC research and design parties for themselves (and historical drinks for others–you may have seen their publications on tables of bars like Kelly’s in East Liberty), choosing three cocktails to illustrate a theme in women’s history. That history ain’t always pretty–one party was set around the theme of women who were on death row (and executed). One drink served at that party was the Undertaker (* 1 part Jagermeister * 1 part Cointreau * 1 part White rum). On a UK website, I found this description of the cocktail by a gent named Paul, “An earthy mix, heavy carry with a somber tone, quaint floral note. Good stiff drink! Have someone else drive after 3 of these, preferably not in a hearse!” The LUPEC ladies recounted proudly that “Everyone left [that party] with a bag of what one lady wanted for her last meal–fresh fruit.”

Enough back story–let’s get to the tones!

We’ll kick it of with what I’m dubbing the Cocktails Calling Ringtone. It features these essential drink mixing sounds:  putting ice in a glass, pouring and shaking. The perfect tone to set for happy hour pals!

Here’s LUPEC’s Glass Cink Tone–great for folks who might dig a simple tone that’s not quite the sound of a bell (but is awfully close). Or perhaps this tone is fitting to set on a phone ’round New Years.

These next two tones are thanks to LUPEC member Black Monday, an expert bottle blower (or what’s deemed a type of jug-band expertise in other circles). Her command of the instrument was awesome–we recorded several different takes. I made a longer version Black Monday’s Bottle Tone, and a shorter (lovely, gentle and haunting) version–the Black Monday Message Alert (to set for incoming text messages).

In closing, I present the LUPEC cheer as a tiny tone–here’s the Up In Ya! Alert.

"Okay, you talked me into it. I'll try one."

Thanks to the ladies of LUPEC for their cheerful contribution to the project–and for mixing it up in Pittsburgh!


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