The Ninnytone

This is Nicky the Ninny, folks–a born and bred Pittsburgh puppet, and the first Locally Toned contributor (that I’m aware of) who was forced to submit a ringtone to the project. “They made me do it,” Nicky said, when I asked him why he wanted to share his special song as a ringtone. “I didn’t want to take my meds today, I didn’t want to go to the circus with these ‘mentors,’ and I certainly don’t want to make a ringtone for your stupid project!” Um, that’s harsh, Nicky.

Nicky resides at Pittsburgh’s Home for Wicked and Wayward Puppets, but sometimes he’s looked after by The Schmutz Company (founded by David T. English & W. Donald Orkoskey). “He became our charge recently, through a community service organization called the Puppet Buddy Mentor Program (PBMP),” stated English. “It’s similar to other mentoring programs which pair at-risk youth with upstanding mentors and provide extracurricular activities. We volunteered and thought it’d be nice to take Nicky to the circus.”

“Yeah,” Orkoskey added, “we thought it would be fun to have a little puppet buddy around the place, but he’s a tough one. But, you know what, we don’t care what he says–he’s gonna make a ringtone for you cause we said so. Community service is part of his puppetbilitation [puppet rehabilitation]. He doesn’t have a choice in the matter.”

“Nicky was born addicted to corn starch,” English reported. “He has a primary diagnosis as a ninny, with a secondary diagnosis as a nitwit and a dipshit. Personally, I think he’s pissed about having to make a ringtone for the project because he’s still mad about having a hand-me-down cell phone from his older sister.” English went on to say that Nicky’s sister, “loaded her phone up with lots of Jonas Brothers ringtones. Nicky can’t figure out how to change them, so he has some major cell phone issues. Anger issues.”

All that attitude aside, Nicky’s tone is quite the up-beat ditty. Here’s The Ninnytone. Nicky’s on vocals and has back up from Schmutz Company members Aaron Crothers (bass) and Luke Williams (guitar).

Thanks for your (reluctant) contribution, Nicky and special thanks to your mentors (who made you do it).


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