The deeplocal (Elevator Beep) Tone and Message Alert

The Crew at deeplocal (the picture Dave wanted me to take)

Meet deeplocal–from L-R, Eamae, Dimitry, Nathan, Matt, Dave (face to wall), Heather and Zack. [Side note–their crew has since been refreshed since I attended this December Waffle Wednesday to take these photos. You can check out their expanding posse here.] If you’re in Pittsburgh on the right Wednesday morning, you should definitely pop in for “free consulting and gourmet waffles”–the next one is February 17, 2010 from 9-11am.

A December Waffle Wednesday Guest

Nathan Martin Visits with Another Waffle Wednesday Guest

It’s about time I got around to publishing this tone! After all, deeplocal hosted me as an artist in residence for 4 months last year, and has graciously granted me Artist in Residence Emeritus status to continue developing Locally Toned. Nathan Martin, CEO of deeplocal came up with idea for the Old and New Media Residency Program. He then invited Encyclopedia Destructica to co-host the program, “created to promote an exchange of ideas, skills, and networks by placing an artist in both a contemporary art production setting and a working corporate setting.” I hear-tell they’ve already identified their next resident artist–but I won’t say anything further about that…yet.

The deeplocal tone consists of a recording of what it sounds like getting on up to their top-floor headquarters in the Liberty Bank Building (in the East Liberty neighborhood of Pittsburgh). It’s a distinctive sound, the deeplocal (Elevator Beep) Tone.

If you liked that, you’re surely going to dig the short and jarring deeplocal (Elevator Beep) Message Alert.

The deeplocal Portrait I wanted to Take

Thanks, deeplocal folk, for all the time, energy, work and good will you’ve put towards this public art/ringtone creation project, and thanks also for keeping me on Emeritus-like so I can continue working on the project!


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