Locally Toned Mentioned in Contagious Magazine, Issue #21

More good news for Locally Toned! Mention of this original ringtone creation project appeared in Contagious Magazine in an opinion piece called “GutterTech: Squinting at Technology” by Nathan Martin, CEO of deeplocal (one of this project’s Old and New Media residency co-hosts).

Contagious (out of London, England) describes itself as a “magazine, DVD and online resource, covering topics such as: branded content; mobile marketing; social networking; user-generated content; word of mouth; viral; interactive; blogs; video games; retail initiatives; design innovations and emerging technologies.”

How’d Nathan Martin get invited to pen an opinion piece for the journal/consulting resource?

In October of 2009, deeplocal/Standard Robot‘s the Nike Chalkbot made the cover of Contagious Magazine. And in December of 2009, the Chalkbot made the magazine’s “Most Contagious 2009” list.

What’s the Chalkbot? A robotic chalking mechanism that receives, processes, prints, captures and delivers data (text, GPS coordinates and photographs). Both deeplocal and Standard Robot worked with Nike’s agency, Wieden+Kennedy, to design and develop the pneumatic robot and software system for Lance Armstrong’s Live Strong campaign/foundation during the 2009 Tour de France. Armstrong’s foundation helps raise awareness, fund research and end the stigma about cancer that many survivors face.

There was also a good deal of online conversation about the Chalkbot coming from artist/activists. It’s worth sharing that info, too, as I’m very interested in how a work is perceived by its many audiences (I’ll be writing my next post about a shift in perspective about Locally Toned that was afforded to me by Martin’s opinion piece appearing in Contagious).

The Chalkbot is similar to contemporary artist/activist projects like GrafittiWriter and StreetWriter by the Institute for Applied Autonomy and BikesAgainstBush by Josh Kinberg.

If you’re interested in reading some of the non-corporate news about the Chalkbot, read IAA’s press release which states that, “The Nike Chalkbot is nearly identical to the ‘Streetwriter’ we began developing ten years ago.” Or click that BikesAgainstBush link (above) to read about Kinberg’s project and the story he tells leading up to his opinion: “What’s really important is the particular context and action in which the device is used that really makes the statement. In these three cases you have the DARPA Challenge (IAA), the 2004 Republican National Convention protests in NYC (BikesAgainstBush), and the 2009 Tour De France / Livestrong Campaign (Chalkbot).”


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