Dalzell Place Tuba Tone

Sam Russell is a 10th grader at Winchester Thurston where he does crew, is pretty good at math, and enjoys participating in and supporting the performing arts program. Russel impressed me with his submission idea because he not only wrote into the project about a ringtone, but also sent a video along–a video of his neighbor (and others) playing live music on a porch in Squirrel Hill! [BTW, this is officially the second “porch tone” in Locally Toned’s archive–the other is here.]

Sam grew up on Dalzell Place, and has heard music coming from his neighbor Roger Day’s house for years. “I’ve just heard this great sound coming from Roger’s house as I’ve been growing up on this street. I can hear it when I’m in my house, or when I’m hanging outside with friends. To me it would make a great ringtone.”

Roger Day has been conducting cancer research for 30 years–he’s an Associate Professor within the Department of Biomedical Informatics/Biostatistics at the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute. He is also known as Professor Beautiful. He wanted to play some Bach for a tuba tone because, “Well, it’s a short piece, and he can’t sue me.” Professor Beautiful has been playing music for 40 years, trying to make music better every year he plays.

If you’ve taken a gander at these first pictures in the blog, you’re probably thinking to yourself that they look like they were taken when it was much warmer outside. Yet it’s December! What took me so long?

Alaquiva Prepares to Record Day at Ya Momz House studio

Although I tried recording the tuba tone two times myself (once in the summer and once in the fall), it’s thanks to Emmai Alaquiva and Ya Momz House that we finally have this audio in the collection. As I learned, Tubas are difficult to record decently without the right equipment, and when Alaquiva heard about my recording trials and tribulations, he generously extended an offer to Locally Toned to record Roger’s tone at his Emmy award-winning studio gratis. [BTW–Emmai is also the founder of Hip Hop On L.O.C.K.–his students’ tones, recorded earlier this year, are two of the most popular in the project.]

Here’s the long-time-coming Dalzell Place Tuba Tone. Sam, thanks for your patience and for your lovely neighborhood based submission idea. Roger, thanks for your patience and persistence. And Emmai, serious thanks for opening up your “house” to (and sharing your mad skills with) Locally Toned!


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