A Locally Toned Dream Come True! Foley hears a project ringtone on a stranger’s phone in public!


Brooke holds my "Lucy Tugboat Plus Bell Tone" art card from the Dividing the Goose show at Future Tenant gallery.

This is Brooke Sumner. She works for the Federal Courts and is a local supporter of the arts. Last Friday, she totally made my night.

I was sitting with friends chowing down on Greek food at Salonika Gyros after my performance at the Transfer Lounge opening at SPACE gallery when I thought I heard the sound of the bell from Jill’s Ye Old School Bell Tone. I was a bit confused, though, because I heard some spoken word audio playing along with it. As I was trying to figure out what was going on, my friend (and project advisor) Jen Morris looked at me and said, “Is that one of your ringtones playing?”

Yes, it was!

Brooke had just come from the Crawl with her friends Ryan Meanor and Michael Danehower–they’d stopped by Future Tenant, where they’d seen my Alice Out of the Basement ringtone art cards in the Dividing the Goose (fairy tale) show. Brooke picked some of the cards up and used the texting code on the back a card to send the Lucy Tugboat Plus Bell Tone directly to her phone!

I went straight over to their table, introduced myself and told Brooke and her friends that they made one of my Locally Toned project dreams come true (my wish to hear one of the project tones on a stranger’s phone in public)!

From left to right: Michael Danehower, Brooke Sumner and Ryan Meanor with T. Foley.

From left to right: Michael Danehower, Brooke Sumner and Ryan Meanor with T. Foley. Photo by Jen Morris.

Thanks, Brooke (and friends) for being tuned-into the Pittsburgh arts scene!


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