Firecrackers in the Street Tone (Tono de Los Petardos en la Calle) Valencia, Spain

Los Petardos

Los Petardos

You’ve met Ima and Sonia in the previous post. I was very lucky that Ima was able to talk her friend Sonia into a Los Petardos tone. We arranged to meet one morning and scout for the perfect location–a quiet and safe street closed to traffic where we could set the firecrackers off and not draw too much attention to ourselves in the process. As you will see and can hear, it worked perfectly. When we were ready to get to work, Ima took the camera, I broke out the reording equipment, and Sonia was the brave soldier–she lit the fireworks (they looked dangerous to me)!

Making the plan.

Making the plan.



Sonia lights the fireworks.



We recorded this tone in an alley way behind my hotel and a fancy restaurant. As the firecrackers were exploding, the back door to the restaurant opened up, and a manager-looking gentleman with additional staff popped out to see what the heck was happening. As soon as the firecracker sound subsided, he cleared his throat and said, in formal sounding Spanish, “Ladies, are we in danger here?” We were sure he was expecting to see little boys setting off the fireworks–he must have been really confused by our presence!

Here’s the excellent Tono Petardo (Firecracker Tone). Thanks for being brave, Sonia, and for this marvelous idea, Ima. I believe this tone is quintessentialy Valencian–so many of the people I met in the city told me that fireworks and firecrackers were a sound you heard often there–especially during festivals (like Las Fallas).


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