Maris en el autobus (Ladies on the Bus) Ringtone (Valencia, Spain)


Here’s the second Valencian shenanigans’ tone contribution from Ima and Sonia, a humorously conceptual tone. The idea is that the tone would be pretty funny if it went off in someone’s purse or bag while traveling in an autobus in Valencia.

This tone reminds me of some of Julie Mickens’ conceptual tones (definately created for situations where one’s riding on public transportation and his or her phone goes off). These tones by Julie, Ima and Sonia speak to the experience one has when public and private space collide or intersect (when cell phones are used in public). Another way to say it would be to talk about the experience of the (or too much) private intersecting within public space. I’m not being very articulate about this notion, but perhaps you get the idea…


If you want to get a good picture of what’s happening in this ridiculous tone, imagine a bus with dos marujas (two women) or a housewives on it. They are conventional women, likely out and about because they are shopping. “Mas cursi,” said Ima. I looked the word cursi up–it denotes false elegance/bad taste, etc. Ima continued, “They perhaps have wallpaper with flowers and many tacky things.” The imagined women in this tone refer to each other as Mari. Ima explained to me that in Valencia, little school girls often affectionately call each other “Mari” (shortened version of Marie or Maria).


I asked Ima to translate some phrases from the absurd dialogue for Locally Toned readers:

Are you here on the bus?

Listen, I am on the bus.

On the No. 9 bus.

Finca Roja–I’m by this place.

I am arriving.

Do you hear me?

Yes, I am on the bus.

I’m arriving.

Where are you now?

I am on the bus.

In order to make this tone, we first rehearsed and recorded the audio in my hotel room. Then we went scouting for a bus in the central area that had a brief stop-over so we could ask the bus driver for permission to get on the bus to take photos for the tone.



Though he was finished with his brief lay-over, we found a kind bus driver who let us on the bus for a couple of minutes while he made a loop in the central area. Here’s my fave photo from the mini dos marujas shoot.


Here’s the Maris en el Autobus Ringtone. Thanks for coming out to play in Valencia, Ima y Sonia! I love this tone!


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