Birdie (Pájarito) Tones (Valencia, Spain)


A little pet store sits in the Plaza Redonda in the historic district of Valencia, Spain. Each time I walked by the store, I heard beautiful bird song as I walked through the plaza to my hotel.


My last weekend there, I entered the shop and asked the senora of the tiendita de los pájaros (the lady of the little bird store) if I could record the birdsong as ringtones. She said yes, and the recordings resulted in three of the loveliest tones in the Valencian tone bank (if not within all of the Locally Toned collection).

The Senora's Pet Store

The Senora's Pet Store

When I asked the lady if she owned the store, she said yes. When I told her I had a blog for the project, and asked if I could publish her name, she said no. So I asked permission to take photographs. “Yes,” she said, “but only of the birds!


Muchisimas gracias to the kind woman who keeps the tienditaa de los pájaros in the Plaza Redonda! Here are her birdsong tones:

Birdsong Tone

Chirp and Hop Birdsong Tone

Chirp and Fly Birdsong Tone



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2 responses to “Birdie (Pájarito) Tones (Valencia, Spain)

  1. These are nice ringtones. I will add this up to my rare ringtones collection. Mucho gracias friend.

    • Awesome, Thom! I’m honored. BTW, RINGTONESMASH is awesome. Just saw the article about Locally Toned there (appreciate it) and enjoyed reading some of the other stories/editorials, especially the one about the condom ringtone.

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