Tones from Senoras Leonor and Soledad in Valencia, Spain


Soledad gives her mother Leonor un besito (kiss).

Let me introduce you to Senoras Soledad y Leonor de Valencia–these ladies (a mother and daughter) were my first ringtone contributors in Spain! Interesting to note how they are related because the first tones in Pittsburgh also came from a mother-daughter team, and when you think about it, the first sounds we hear in this world are from our mothers. Powerful! Maybe this will become a Locally Toned tradition if the project continues to visit other cities.


Sra. Leonor makes the Chilean empanadas at Capriccio–she’s been cooking since she was 11 years old, when her mother died and her aunt taught her how to cook. Her first dish was a puree (like mashed potatoes or cauliflower ), and her aunt told her the dish was inedible. Sra. Leonor made the move from Chile to Valencia, for her daughter Soledad, and with her grandchildren.


When my friend, artist Ines Salpico, and I discovered Capriccio, a mostly take-away gourmet Italian restaurant in Valencia, we were in search of postre (dessert). We found it, and also Senora Leonor, who said, “Digame,” with great good humor and very directly to customers when they began to place an order. The sound of her voice was distinct, and I thought it would make good sense as a ringtone (translated loosly as “Talk to me” or “Tell me”). And so after getting over my shyness, in my simple Spanish, I asked Leonor if she would consider becoming a ringtone. She said yes. When I returned the following day with my equipment, we recorded the digame tone but ended up with a second tone (because the recording process kept being interrupted by busses and motor bikes). Somewhat exasperated by the interruptions, the Senora and I joked about our timing and I inadvertently recorded her lovely laugh. Her two ringtone contributions are:

Senora Leonor’s Digame (Talk to Me) Tone


Senora Leonor’s Laughing Tone


Another evening we met Leonor’s daughter, Soledad, who came to Spain (for love and an opportunity to make a better life for herself and her children) about 2.5 years ago. Soledad makes the pasta and the desserts–yum!


I invited Sra. Soledad to make a ringtone, too. I asked her how one might greet a person on the phone in Chile. Here is Senora Soledad’s Besitos (Little Kisses) Tone.

Muchismas gracias, Senoras Leonor y Soledad!

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One response to “Tones from Senoras Leonor and Soledad in Valencia, Spain

  1. Amparo

    Me gustan tus fotos. Saludos desde Valencia

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