G20 Ringtone Workshop at Carnegie Mellon University


Meet Liz–a sophomore School of Art student at Carnegie Mellon University. I worked with her during my G20 Ringtone Workshop today–showed her an overview of using the Phone-in-a-Tone line. We tested recording audio at different levels (distances from the audio source to the mic on her phone) and then listened to the tracks she created (via the Locally Toned admin site). As serendipity would have it, Liz had an earlier version of the same phone I have, so it was easy to show her the Record Sound feature on her phone (to give her more audio recording choices out in the field).


I prepared a hand-out for students so they could have portable info out in the field, and shared some Locally Toned art cards (one of the project’s tone distribution methods). The hand-out also covered protocols for sending the project further information about tones recorded in the field and photo specifications for inclusion on the site and the blog. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Liz (and some of her other student ringtone agents) will get back to me with G20 tones.


Thanks to Nathan Martin of deeplocal and Bob Bingham of CMU’s College of Fine Arts for hooking me up with the opportunity to share ringtone making and capturing approaches with students today.

The photos that follow are from The Cut/Fence on CMU’s campus–School of Art students had reserved it to do their protest thing. There is a tradition that students who want to work on the Fence have to camp out–dig some of the visual details from the structure/site built by these students.




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