Beer Bottlin’ Tone from the Church Brew Works


This is the Church Brew Works.


This is my friend Bob Holman. He’s a poet who lives in New York. This summer he passed through Pittsburgh and I gave him a tour, making sure to stop at the Church Brew Works in Bloomfield to show him the, uh, “renovation” of the church.


Lucky us–we ended up getting served by the owner, Sean Casey. Since Bob and I both happened to be wearing our I’m Locally Toned t-shirts, Sean started a conversation, “Are those t-shirts from your gym or something?”

Bob responded. “Nope. This lady here makes ringtones.”


When we paid the check, Sean gave me his card, saying, “Let me know if you want to come by and get a beer bottling ringtone sometime.” Since I happen to dig work tones (such as the I Got It Kitchen Work Tone from Six Penn Kitchen or the Local Palette Studio tones) as much as I like work songs, I arranged to go out and get a tone from the Church.


This is Brant Dubovick, Church Brew Works’ Master Brewer. I met him and his colleagues one afternoon as they prepared to begin the bottling process. They showed me the production line and the places where I’d likely get good audio–near the spot where beer goes straight into the bottles, and near the labeler.





Here’s the Beer Bottlin’ Tone from Church Brew Works! Set this tone for your beer drinkin’ buddy, or for that person always calls you to make Happy Hour plans. Thanks to Sean Casey, Brant Dubovick and the other staff who helped get this new work tone into the collection!


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