Ringtone Presents from Good Night, States (from Their New Release, The Impossible Tension)


Here’s are brand new ringtone gifts from the band Good Night, States. Tonight they’re celebrating the release of their new EP, The Impossible Tension, at the Thunderbird Cafe in Lawrenceville. A number of weeks ago, when I recorded live ringtones with them, they expressed a desire to share a new series of tones straight from their upcoming album with the public for free. I was into the idea considering ringtones cost anywhere from .99 to $2.99 and since one of this project’s goals is to replace a system of commerce with one of shared creativity.

In Steve Gretz’s words, the ringtone tracks consist of “one sound from each song.  I tried to use interesting sounds that wouldn’t just be the song itself, and each one is set up to loop pretty nicely.” I can dig it, Steve.

Good luck on the show tonight, GN,S, and thanks for sharing more of your work within this public art project! Maybe today’s contribution to the project will help to set a new tone-sharing model for other bands to follow!

Here are the sweet tone gifts (in order of the tracks on the EP):

Arsonist’s Ringtone

Good Times Ringtone

River In The Ringtone

Moonlight Ringtone

All On Your Ringtone

Neighborhood Ringtone


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3 responses to “Ringtone Presents from Good Night, States (from Their New Release, The Impossible Tension)

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  2. john

    so… how do you get the ringtones????

    • Hi, John.

      There are a few ways to get the tones–the easiest might be to go to http://www.locallytoned.org/ and pick one that you like, such as the Arsonist’s Ringtone (http://www.locallytoned.org/tone/180). That is a tone detail page. The method I like to use on that page is “Get this Tone/Send it to me.” I type in my number (all 10 digits), select my carrier and then hit “Send.” When it gets to my phone (a Verizon LGNV), an option automatically appears that says “Save as Ringtone.”

      All cell phones are different, however. Yours must be MMS (multimedia messaging service) capapble (yours must be able to receive video/pic and audio messages), you must be able to host the file size (much older phones have trouble with this) and you must be able to save mp3s as ringtones.

      The Blackberry process is to navigate to the mp3 files on the sites (blog or .org site) and then download and save; the iPhone help page is here: http://www.intomobile.com/2008/10/07/iphone-ringtones-create-free-iphone-ringtones-using-itunes-8.html. But last week I heard the iPhone and AT&T were allowing MMS so I would be curious to see if it works automatically now. I will have to ask a friend to try.

      Thanks for your interest in the project. I hope this helps!

      f you encounter more trouble than that, it could be because

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