Photo from *Mobile* Ringtone Performance at PAPA 12 World Pinball Championship


The awesome artist Mike Budai (whom I’d heard lots and lots about but never got to meet until this World Pinball Championship…) made a great suggestion when we visited (as I was out doing the *mobile* ringtone performance at PAPA in Scott Township on Saturday).  He said, “Why don’t you go over there and take your picture standing by that game?  The guy on the side of that game has a very similar belt thing strapped to his waist!  Check it out.”

I couldn’t believe it, the guy on the side of the game did have a device around his waist almost like mine, and thanks to a pal strolling in with his camera, artist Alexi Morrissey, here’s my Tone Ranger shot (thanks to City Paper for that cool moniker!).

Thanks, Budai and Alexi!  Here’s Budai’s awesome PAPA 12 print:



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