Old School Pinball Tones


Gottlieb’s 300 (a bowling game, 1975) was one of the first pinball machines that Steve Eckert, game tech at PAPA, took me to listen to and see.  The design of the board was really eye-catching, and I took some beautiful photographs of it.  Here’s the“300” (Pinball) Bowling Ringtone.




This next tone, from Aces and Kings, is super-purist–it’s simply a track of Steve starting up and playing a bit of the game.  Listen to the Aces and Kings (Pinball) ToneAces and Kings (Pinball) Tone.  The track was pretty quiet, so I doubled up the audio to create the Old School Pinball Tone.


Good luck to all the competitors in the World Pinball Championships this weekend.  And thanks to Team PAPA for being such gracious hosts to Locally Toned and for collaborating such a wonderful set of tones!




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2 responses to “Old School Pinball Tones

  1. Bowen Kerins

    Some really nice work here. Thanks for helping make more ways for people to enjoy pinball…

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