It’s Professional and Amateur Pinball Association (PAPA) Week! Get Your Mata Hari (Pinball) Tones


Guess what?  This week is the PAPA (Professional and Amateur Pinball Association) 12 World Pinball Championships!  In Scott Township!!!  In honor of this competition, I’ve made a series of Pinball Ringtones with the help and expertise of the PAPA Team (Dave Baach, Steve Eckert and Mike Monahan).  They allowed me to come out and capture audio for tones and take some amazing pics.  I’ll try and capture some candid pics of the PAPA team this weekend when I’m out there watching the competition (and maybe doing a *mobile* ringtone performance).


Steve Eckert was my guide the day I went out to record audio.  He’s been working on pinball machines since 1976.  He’s what you call a game tech.  He knew the insides of the machines extremely well–so that’s who we have to thank for the high-quality audio.  He literally opened up the insides/back sides of the machines so I could get the mic close to the pinball sound making components.


I’ll blog about a specific pinball machine/tone each day this week.  All I can say is that they sound fantastic when someone calls you.  These tones are so cool that I can hardly get my words wrapped round them to describe in a decent fashion.


So here’s the first:  from the Bally game Mata Hari (late 70s).  The audio bits include game start up, power up, mechanical chimes and coin drop (so Steve, the expert, says).  Have a listen to the Mata Hari (Pinball) Tone (or go straight to the download page).  Here’s a bonus tone:  the Mata Hari (Pinball) Alert Signal–great for pic or text message arrivals (download here).


Oh, and thanks to my pal Erok.  He’s the gent who contributed the Bicycle Bell Tone (the hottest tone in the project to this date–391 downloads as of today, August 10, 2009).  Erok turned me on to PAPA, the World Pinball Championship 12, and also introduced me to Dave Baach.  I’m grateful, Erok, for you keen sense of hearing–you have a tremendous ability to scope out some of the *dope-est* tones in Pittsburgh!



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