Good Night, States: Steve Gretz’s Embrace the Destruction Tone


Steve Gretz plays guitar and writes the songs for Good Night, States. “I use a lot of different rigntones–I like to know who’s calling me. I find having a cell phone pretty stressful. I happen to have an iPhone. I’m really into sound design and synthesizers, the noises they make.  I do the programming of the synths for this band.”


Steve and Good Night, States like synths so much, that they want people who come out to their shows to get their synths on with them.

Since I didn’t know much about synths, I asked Steve for more info. “A synth can sound like anything, and any synth sound we play, we program ourselves. We set tone, decay, slow fades, harsh sounds, etc. These days there are many significant synth apps (applicaitons) for the iPhone. For example, I have 6 for my phone–they are musical applications, drum machines and such. I can play the synth aps on the phone and amplify it. And with this new app (, I can write sounds that others can load onto their phones and play. The interface is designed for anywon to use–even non-musicians–the application makes a sound when you touch it.

Here’s Steve Gretz’s Embrace the Destruction Tone. BTW, his tone title is completely sarcastic–it’s a really, really pretty melody.



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