Good Night, States’ Week: Dan Harding’s AT&T Feedback Tone


With plenty of local press, and a good nod from SPIN Magazine last summer, the local band Good Night, States has been taking off.  Lucky Locally Toned!  Dan Harding, drummer for the band, wrote into the project in June, asking about the best way to contribute a ringtone to the project.  A ringtone?  As in singular? It was technically this project’s first submission-inquiry from a band–so heck, I was thinking, they’re talented people, how about a series of tones from Good Night, States?  Dan checked back in with his bandmates, and they proposed exactly the same idea.  I would head over to their rehearsal space–a livingroom in Lawrenceville–to record one tone with each member of the group.  I loved the idea.


Not only could I kill 5 birds (a good number of tones) with one stone (field recording session), I also got to hear them play in the most intimate of performance halls.  We knocked out the tones first, then individual Q&As, and then I stayed around to photograph the band’s rehearsal.  The space was tight with so much equipment (synths, amps, wires, drum kit, instruments, DIY electronics), but musically I wouldn’t have wanted it (for my ears) any other way.  If I hadn’ta been so busy trying to get decent images for their tones, I probably would have passed out from the sheer joy I felt listening to a band that so beautifully controls and blends synths, vocals and feedback.  By the time they were tired from having rehearsed all day, and by the time I got something decent out of carefully moving around all that equipment to photograph (for about an hour), I pretty much floated out of that house.  I felt like my whole body was humming–from head to toes–a feeling quite similar to having had an excellent acupuncture done by an expert.  Did they whoop some sound wave magic on me?  What that what the Beach Boys meant by Good Vibrations?  I have no idea…

Since this is Locally Toned’s first official submission from a band (and believe me–I’d been fishing around for this sort of content for a few months…), I hereby declare this Good Night, States Week here on the blog.  Each day I’ll post a tone or two from each member.


We’ll start with Dan Harding, the drummer for Good Night, States (who doesn’t set ringtones on his phone).  Dan’s idea for a tone was to create feedback with his cell phone while turned on and close to an amp.  His bandmates said, “When we hear that sound during rehearsals and shows (feedback from Dan’s AT&T phone ringing), we know that either Dan or Joe are getting calls.”  Here’s Dan Harding’s AT&T Feedback Tone.  I also thought the feedback would make a good identifier for incoming text or picture messages, so here’s a bonus:  the AT&T Feedback Message Alert.


Thanks, Dan, for writing into Locally Toned–I’m so glad to have this series in the project archive!


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