Charlie’s Amusitarian (Amusing + Utilitarian) Tones


Charlie Humphrey is one of the busiest people I know in Pittsburgh.  Culturally busy. He sits (and has sat) in service, on a number of boards for arts orgs and other nonprofits.  A former boss of mine, he’s presently executive director of Pittsburgh Filmmakers, the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts and the Pittsburgh Glass Center.  “I would describe my role in the community as an arts advocate.  Like a dog who chases cars, I seem to take on every cause that comes my way.”  Charlie also plays live music around town and records his own vocal and instrumental work (solo and with others).  Through my time working at Filmmakers, I’ve known Charlie as a champion for the sort of work I did there (media literacy arts education).  We’re on the same page in regards to working towards empowering more Pittsburghers to make digital media rather than remain mere consumers of it.  Knowing that, I wondered what sorts of tones he’d produce, so I invited him to contribute to the project.

Some of Charlie's Audio Wave Forms in Pro Tools

Some of Charlie's Audio Wave Forms in Pro Tools Timeline

“I like tones that are soft and gentle sounding–right now I’ve got the iPhone ‘sonar ringtone’ set on my cell.  For this project, I wanted to make something reminiscent of a ring, but with some playful musicality–a utilitarian tone–amusing but effective.”


Here are what I’m calling Charlie’s Amusitarian (amusing + utilitarian) Tones–his Falling Down the Stairs Tone and his Bang a Mini Gong Tone.  They’re practical and sweet–he used acoustic and electric guitar,  bass and various samples to make them.  Thanks for your contribution to the project, Charlie Humphrey!



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2 responses to “Charlie’s Amusitarian (Amusing + Utilitarian) Tones

  1. Hey T,
    you don’t have any little tikes chanting

    ‘HOLA, hola, hola, hola, ho’
    ‘Hola, hola amiguitos como estan?’

    we have hello songs for you—-and ALL in Spanish.
    Hope all is well, I love your project! So well done.

  2. Let’s get on that, Megan. Why don’t you send out a letter requesting permission for your tykes to participate and once you have that, let’s schedule a session. I would love some tones en Espanol!


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