Margy’s Magical Tone


Meet Margy Whitmer who works as a Media Producer at Family Communications, Inc (the non-profit production company founded by Fred Rogers).  You may recognize her name from a previous post.  She’s a good friend of another ringotne contributor, Daniel Striped Tiger.  When I went out to record the Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood tone at WQED Studios a few weeks ago, Margy was a big help.  She also had a very nice idea for a tone.

“I don’t know what this object is.  We got it in the mail from somebody writing into Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood–people would do that–send us interesting things or ideas for segments on shows.  Anyhow, I kept this for a long time in my desk.  Then one day, on the show, we needed a sound effect for a person who’d appear from out of nowhere in the Neighborhood of Make-Believe.  I went and got this object from out of my desk, and when they edited that in as the sound effect, it really  worked!  Unfortunately, this little sound-maker got separated from the letter that someone sent along with it.  So if the person is out there who sent this in to us, we want to belatedly say, ‘Thanks a lot!’

Here’s Margy’s Magical Tone.  It’s a very soft and gentle sound–the kind of ringtone Daniel Striped Tiger might very well set on his cell phone!



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One response to “Margy’s Magical Tone

  1. jilly

    oh, I have one of those sound makers!

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