Brigette’s Coffee House Tone


Brigette Marshala lives outside of Pittsburgh, but comes to spend time in the city on Fridays, usually working, like lots and lots of folks do, on her computer at a coffee house.  She is a graphic designer and is currently an Assistant Professor at Edinboro University.  She wrote into Locally Toned saying she’d like to have a coffee house tone:

“My second studio sells coffee and provides wi-fi. I relax in the whir of steamed milk, the clinking of cups and saucers, and the customer chatter. The register opens and closes, my biscotti chrunches loudly and everyone makes small talk about the Pens and Pirates. This is where I look forward to spending every Friday morning.”


The owners of her coffee house “home base” didn’t respond to our request for permission to record audio on their premises, so I approached Gary Kaboly, co-owner with Kate Knorr, of the 61c Cafe in Squirrel Hill.  Gary and Kate said yes to our request and we arranged a time to go in and work with Keith Kaboly, self-described “Coffee God” and manager, and Bob Persenaire, the Dutch Barista.  They both very graciously allowed us to get behind the counter and up close to all the coffee-making sounds.

Keith Kaboly

Keith Kaboly (Bob Persenaire in Background)

Here is Brigette’s Coffee House Tone–a montage of the sounds it takes to make a good cappuccino.  Warning:  if you have a coffee habit, this tone might you a) salivate, or b) need another cup of joe!  Thanks to Brigette, and the owners and staff at the 61c!




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