Local + Locally: Ringtones and Guest Blogger from Local Palette

I invited Local Palette to guest blog about their experience making ringtones with me.  What follows is the post and their ringtones.  Thanks for taking this on, Local Palette!

Bea Cameron

Bea Cameron, Guest Blogger for Local Palette

As a new graphic and web design company focused on community, Katie, Ian and me (Bea) felt it was our duty to see as much of the Three Rivers Arts Festival as possible. Fortunately, seeing art and getting out to local events is in our job descriptions. Our last stop was Space gallery to see a show called Smoke and Mirrors (which you should see – its running through September 24th!). After walking around the festival for hours we were starving and the gallery saved us with a nice spread, including Yuengling. At the keg, Katie and I made the acquaintance of Emmett Frisbee. I gave him our new website promo card, which, after noticing our name (Local Palette) he kindly passed along to Teresa Foley. Not long after, we received an email from Teresa, telling us about her project of creating free, locally-inspired ringtones. We gladly accepted her invite to be the first designers to create a few tones.

Local Palette's Tone Brainstorm (photo by Local Palette)

Local Palette's Tone Brainstorm (photo by Local Palette)

Recording the tones was really interesting. When Teresa arrived we got a chance to quiz her about her project and hear the back stories of other ringtones she had recorded. We even got to preview a few tones. For the Local Palette Studio Tone, we started with recording the sounds our computers make. Teresa recorded sounds of files being copied and pasted, moving a file to the trash, emptying the trash, checking for new mail, adjusting the sound levels, and lastly (an old-school graphic design staple), the paper cutter. This particular paper cutter was a present I got for Katie sometime in the past 5 or ten years! It’s old and it sounds very creaky and like a sound effect from a horror movie. Teresa said that was a tone by itself. So, we made a Paper-Cutter Tone. Teresa downloaded all the sound files to one of our computers so our creative director, Ian, could mix and export the tones.

Katie Bowie

Katie Bowie

Ian White

Ian White

Next stop: my house. Ian and I adopted our dog when we lived in Oakland, CA. We had mentioned to Teresa that we thought recording our dog would make a fun tone. He has a habit of not quite barking, not quite howling that I like to call talking. We thought if we could get him in a chatty mood, that it might be hilarious. As an added bonus I would get to have a Roe B ringtone!


Roe B was somewhat afraid of the microphone (which, in retrospect, did look a bit like the snout of another dog) and meeting a whole new person, so we got more barking than talking. But Teresa edited that and the Roe B Chatter (Chihuahua) Tone sounds fantastic! I play it for everyone – I’m like a proud parent showing everyone else pictures of the kids.

We had a wonderful experience with Locally Toned. Part of the reason we all really love Pittsburgh is that you find a small-town vibe in a city with a lot of amenities. Not everywhere has what we have; drive over a hill and see an amazing view, feel the history of the bridges, a music culture that allows us to hear bands and visit unique bars, more art and museums than you can shake a stick at. This town is loaded. We had a great time working on this project and consider ourselves lucky to have been thought of–thanks, Emmett and Teresa.

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