Daniel Striped Tiger’s Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood Tone


I was really excited to see Locally Toned get its first submission from a puppet!  And not just any puppet, but Daniel Striped Tiger from Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood!  What does Pittsburgh sound like?  It most certainly sounds like, “Won’t you be my neighbor?”

I got to interview Daniel Striped Tiger on behalf of the project–the transcript follows:

T. Foley: Hey, Daniel Striped Tiger, will you please describe the Pittsburgh sound which you wanted turned into a ringtone to share with others?  How’d you get Mrs. Rogers to play the celeste for the tone?

Daniel Striped Tiger:
Well, it’s part of the opening song from Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood. The name of the song is “Won’t You Be My Neighbor?” and it’s an invitation from me to you … to be my neighbor!  It’s played on an instrument called a celeste.  It’s kind of like a piano, but it’s notes are softer and higher — just right for a shy tiger like me.  So because Mrs. Rogers is a pianist, I thought it would be fun for her to play it and for you to hear it!

TF: Why did you want to share this specific sound with others?

DST: It reminds me of all the caring neighbors and great neighborhoods right here in Pittsburgh!  And since this project is called “Locally Toned,” I thought it fit in perfectly.

TF: What ringtones from this project would you put on your phone?

DST: I’ve been listening to those ringtones and because I’m a shy tiger, I like quiet sounds, so I really like Peggy Walsh’s ringtone of her wind chimes … and I like to play with hula hoops so I like that one too, by Stefanie Moser … and I like the Trombetto’s Good Mood tone, played on the Trombetto by Dr. Nelson Harrison … and being a tiger and all, I do love the cat meow tone.


Well and if that’s not cool enough, I also got to meet Mrs. Rogers at WQED Studios when I went out to record her playing the celeste.  I told her I thought that she and Daniel Striped Tiger must be pretty good and old friends for her to come out and play the piece for the ringtone project.  She said, “I’m happy to do it.  Of course, I’m sure Daniel got permission from the King to submit this tone to the project–how could I refuse?!”  Mrs. Rogers told me that “Daniel Striped Tiger was most like Fred in every way or truest to Fred’s personality–in shyness, in being most sincere and in being earnest.”

Here’s the awesome Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood Tone.

Thank you, Daniel Striped Tiger, for being bold enough to overcome your shyness and submit this ringtone idea to Locally Toned.  And many thanks to Mrs. Fred Rogers for taking time out of her busy schedule to play the celeste for Daniel’s supersweet ringtone, and to Margy Whitmer at Family Communications, Inc!



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3 responses to “Daniel Striped Tiger’s Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood Tone

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  2. Thank you for making this awesome ringtone available! I LOVE it. And a virtual hug to Daniel Striped Tiger and Mrs. Rogers from me too.
    Vickie Perkins
    Crystal Lake, IL

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