Roe B Chatter (Chihuahua) Tone


Little Mr. Roe B is a Chihuahua.  He lives in Lawrenceville with Bea Cameron and Ian White.  Bea and Ian work together at Local Palette (a creative resource/design firm in the same neighborhood) along with Katie Bowie.  I met them a few weeks ago via my friend, musician and filmmaker Emmett Frisbee (at an opening at SPACE gallery in downtown Pittsburgh).  Emmett noticed that my project was called Locally Toned and that these folks had a design firm called Local Palette.  You’ll be hearing more about them in an upcoming post, when they guest blog about the tones they designed for the project–but right now I’ve got a superb dog tone from Bea and Ian to share with you.


Roe B is 3 years old.  Ms. Cameron and Mr. White got him from a rescue center called Smiley Dog in California.  Roe B has a special talent for what Bea calls “talking,” so that’s what we tried to capture when we recorded audio that day.  Little Mr. Roe B was probably wondering, Who is that stranger with the weird thing she keeps putting near my face, and why does Bea keep asking me to talk in front of her? But the doggie came through with plenty good and interesting audio moments so that I could make the Roe B Chatter Tone.

Thanks to Bea and Ian for suggesting this third dog tone in the project, and thanks Mr. Roe B for his superbly surprising canine contribution to the project!  BTW:  Make sure you listen all the way through the tone to get the full effect–he says some very interesting things right in the middle of the audio file.  You can download the Roe B Chatter Tone here.

Little Mr. Roe B..

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