Pandemic Global Dance Night Applause Tone


My pal, writer and DJ Justin Hopper (a.k.a. Juddy) invited me to the July 3rd Pandemic Global Dance Night at Brillobox to record a ringtone.  Juddy and his mates Caulen Kress, Pete Spynda have been doing these nights for over three years.


Juddy with Caulen in Background

It took me a couple of days to figure out what I could successfully capture with a big crowd of dancing, sweating people in the room, but it finally came to me while soaking in a hot bath after a workout at the gym:  the sound of applause!


Tara Merenda Nelson–originator of Tara’s Affirmational Tone–had conceived of an idea that incorporated the sound of applause, but she wasn’t into the idea of an applause “solo” as a ringtone.  I  loved the idea, and figured, heck–what better sound to put into tone rotation when you are feeling super down and need an adoring pick-me-up?   When we recorded the Pandemic Applause Tone, I felt inclined to lean back and away from the crowd.  They were mighty powerful clappers, shouters and yellers.  It was awesome!  Juddy did and incredible job at getting folks to clap and cheer and shout, so thanks for your contribution to the project, Mr. Hopper!  This tone is officially dedicated to all those folks who come out to dance and party and sweat at Pandemic Global Dance Nights!  Here is the link to the tone on  Very easy to send/MMS to phones over there…



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