Erok’s Bicycle Bell Tone


Eric “Erok” Boerer lives in the Hill District area of Pittsburgh.  He is a cyclist and the Membership Director of Bike Pittsburgh, and is one of the founders and key coordinators of the “Get a Bike, Fix a Bike, Give a Bike” program known as Free Ride in Point Breeze (inside Construction Junction).


When I asked Erok why he wanted to have (and share) the sound of his bicycle bell as a ringtone, he said, “I’ve noticed that bike bells tend to bring smiles to people’s faces.  No matter what happens, when you ring that bell, people get a kick out of it.”  It’s a very happy sound.


The bell is on the handlebar of a very large bike–a “long bike” or cargo bike that allows Erok to carry laundry, to make big grocery runs to the Strip District and to carry something as big as a bale of hay (which he procured from near the grounds of Carnegie Mellon University after one of their go-cart races).  Erok pedaling down Fifth Avenue on the way back to his house, in the midst of traffic, with the bale of hay on his cargo bike?  Awesome!  When I asked a bit more about how the bike differs from regular bikes, Erok pointed out how the wheel base was extended to support the cargo rack.  It’s a clean machine–a sharp-looking, and a mighty powerful bike.


And the bell itself was fun to photograph with its color, texture and “roaring lion” detail.  Here’s Erok’s Bicycle Bell Toneone of the super sweetest tones in the project!  Send this tone to yourself (or somebody else) using this link here.


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7 responses to “Erok’s Bicycle Bell Tone

  1. AWESOME!!! Just put it on my phone!

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  3. Nancy Hart

    Very cool! He is right it is a happy sound, reminds me of my childhood rides.

  4. George

    Sweet..Just downloaded to my phone..I had some one call me so I could get the full effect…sweet

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  6. Mayan 'Cross King

    OMG! After downloading it and receiving a few phone calls I had a flash back to 1984! There I was riding my Toys ‘R Us piece of junk Pony two-wheeler with training wheels when Tommy the neighborhood bully came by and pushed me off my bike into the grass. He rang the bell in the exact same fashion as the ring tone the whole while laughing as he rode away with my bike leaving me with a crushed soul and scraped knee. I HATE YOU, RING TONE!

    Just kidding. It’s pretty dope. Thanks for the rad tone!!!


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