Instructions for Getting Local Tones on iPhones (Thanks to Kim Walter)

Kim Walter and His 1959 Citroën DS

Kim and His 1959 Citroën DS

Thanks to Locally Toned contributor Kim Walter for sending in these instructions so that our readers can try and get our tones on their iPhones.  Kim is one of Larry Rippel’s friends from back in the day.  Kim teaches in the Industrial Design department at Pratt Institute in NY.  He’s also an avid collector of Citroën cars–he helps to organize the largest gathering of Citroêns in North America.  Kim said that anybody’s who’s interested can read more about this Citroën Rendezvous at

Thanks for sending us this info, Kim!

Gettin’ Local Tones on iPhones

01–In iTunes 8, click on the song/mp3 file, and select “Get Info.”
02–Hit the “Options” tab.
03–Check both the “Start Time” and “End Time” boxes.  Set the start and end time that you would like to have.
04–Click “OK” and make sure the song you want is still highlighted.
05–Click on “Advanced” in your menu bar.
06–Select “Create AAC Version” or “Create Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) Lossless Version” (Make sure your iTunes “Import Settings” are set to “AAC” or “Apple Lossless” and not “MP3″).
07–A duplicate copy of your song will appear in iTunes – this new song will have the same filename but shorter “Time” and go back to the original song and uncheck those “Start Time” and “End Time” boxes.
08–Drag the duplicate song to your desktop.
09–Once the duplicate song is copied to your desktop, delete the duplicate file in iTunes.
10–On your Desktop, rename the file with the “.m4r” file extension – Use the new extension. This turns your song file into an iPhone ringtone file.
Your “songname.m4a” file should now be named “songname.m4r.”
11–Drag the newly renamed .m4r (songname.m4r) file back into iTunes.
12–Drag the file over the “Library” column and release when “Library” becomes highlighted.
You have to delete the duplicate song file (Step 12) otherwise iTunes won’t import your new .m4r file
13–You should see your new ringtone under “Ringtones” in iTunes
14–Sync your iPhone and you are all set!!


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2 responses to “Instructions for Getting Local Tones on iPhones (Thanks to Kim Walter)

  1. Courtney

    Hmmmm… The first step is mussing me up. What song/mp3 file am I clicking on?

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