Sugar Glider Tones


I happened to meet some folks traveling through town during the Three Rivers Arts Festival who had some Sugar Gliders.  I was squatting (literally) with some people near a spot where a Sitar player was busking near the Hilton Hotel.  I love the sound of that instrument, and had approached the musician with my card, asking if he’d consider sharing a Sitar Tone with the project.  He said he was one of very few players in town and it would be a rare tone indeed.  He’d think about it.  Turns out he never got back to me, but something magical came from my querrying the Sitar gent.  The people right next to me said, “We’ve got something that’d make a pretty rare ringtone–have you ever heard a sugar glider wake up?”

When they told me they were very cute and playful marsupials, I was excited about the idea.  Would this be the world’s first Sugar Glider (Petaurus breviceps) ringtone?  I couldn’t wait to try recording the audio and hear their little sounds.  We made an appointment to record a tone/snap some photos.


Wikipedia helped me to learn more about the Sugar Gliders–they have these twin skin membranes called patagia:  “The membranes are used to glide between trees: when fully extended they form an aerodynamic surface the size of a large handkerchief. Membranes are also used to gather food while hunting.”


The folks I met had two of these supercute pets:  Frisbee and Lupin.  The Locally Toned photo shoot stars Lupin.  The ringtones are 100% Frisbee.

Here’s the Frisbee Wakes Alert Signal.  I simply copied and pasted the same sound clip a few times throughout the time line in order to make this tone.  When I heard the audio run through my headphones, I was astounded–it sounded as if it had been generated by an electronic signal.  As Frisbee’s owner put it, “Gliders do make this ‘attack’ sound when they’re frightened and defending their nests in the wild, but our Frisbee has always been very vocal and she just does it to give you an earful if you wake her up too early.”

The Frisbee Montage Tone consists of Frisbee’s attack sounds when she pounced on her little rafia toy, and that funny and distinct sound that Frisbee makes when she wakes up.

Thanks to Lupin, Frisbee and their keepers for one of the most fantastic tones in the project!



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5 responses to “Sugar Glider Tones

  1. Ed Margulies

    Unfortunately due to kind-hearted media attention and “gee whiz” factor, sugar gliders are bought as fad pets and many are unceremoniously DUMPED or abandoned months later. We know. We have 77 up for adoption in our 501(c)3 rescue in NV. There is an epidemic of dumped/abandoned sugar gliders. They are exotic animals and only the seriously committed enthusiast, preferably a way adult, not a child or teenager should consider getting them.

    Now Sugar Gliders have entered the pop-culture hype cycle and scores of wanna-bee teenyboppers are grabbing them up like popcorn. And dumping them when the cool wears off. Or maltreating them and abusing them.

    • Hi, Ed.

      Thanks very much for your important comment and the link to your website. Locally Toned appreciates knowing about your rescue center in NV. Thanks for helping to inform this audience about the plight of these beautiful creatures. The people (adults) I worked with took excellent care of their Gliders and truly enjoyed their behavorial traits or “personalities.”

      I hope visitors to this blog will check out your site.


  2. Becky

    Agreed, Ed. Sugar gliders are a serious commitment, and are not easy to take care of. They live long lives (up to 15 years) and require lots of space, attention, and fresh foods. They are beautiful but require a serious and attentive owner. They are not at all suitable for children, and will only fit the lifestyle of adults who have a lot of time to spend at home, are up late at night (they are nocturnal), and are willing to give them specialized care. This information is worth reviewing in case anyone feels charmed enough by their to consider getting one:

  3. momonga

    Those are some nice sugar glider tones. Sugar gliders make a variety of other sounds too!

  4. you can also see more on sounds at the Lucky Glider Rescue & Sanctuary Blog on MySpace

    Top Ten Sounds that Sugar Gliders Make

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