Goshinski’s P-I-E-R-O-G-I-E Tone


Lauren Goshinski works at Carnegie Mellon Univeristy, DJs and says she also “makes nonsensical things.”  She came the ringtone recording session at Encyclopedia Destructica Studios with her friend Dawn Weleski.  Goshinski’s idea for a tone was super-Pittsburgh and Polish because it involved Pierogie*.


I’ve learned (as you will, if you click on the Wikipedia pierogie link above) that there are many ways of spelling out the doughy delicacy.  The dish has common Slavic origins, but is known as good Polish food here in Pittsburgh.  Being the good Polish girl that she is (I’m half Polish myself…), she simply wanted to spell out the word as a ringtone.  To quote the source:  “I’ve never been able to spell the word Pierogie properly on the first try.  And you probably can’t either.”


Since we don’t yet have smell phones yet (you know, cell phones that alert people by emitting scent signals instead of audio alerts), Lauren’s tone is perhaps the next best thing.  Because the power had gone out by the time she and Dawn had shown up to the recording session, I arranged to meetGoshinski at her favorite Pierogie place– Gooski’s on Polish Hill to take these photographs.

Love it!  Here is Goshinski’s P-I-E-R-O-G-I-E Tone.

Thanks to Gooski’s for allowing me to photograph the famous dish, and to Lauren for her ringtone contribution.


*There are numerous ways to spell Pierogi (with this particular spelling ending in the letter “i” being listed as most accurate and also as plural).  For this post, I went with Lauren (and Gooski’s) spelling for the dish.  I have a feeling it’s spelled that way all over Pittsburgh.


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