Slinky’s Half-Minute Gush Tone


Slinky’s idea for a ringtone was his 2003 remix of Charles Mingus’sHalf Mast Inhibition.”  The Mingus piece was originally recorded in 1960.  Slinky left it up to me to decide which thirty seconds to use from his exactly one-minute-long remix of the Mingus piece.

mingus revisited

If you know some of Slinky’s DJing and other audio work, then you also might say yep, that’s what Pittsburgh sounds like.  I’m delighted to have his tone in the collection.  He told me he selected this remix for the project because of Pittsburgh’s historic jazz connection, “and well, now the city is a hotbed for all things electronic.”

Slinky’s remix was made with a free program called Mad Tracker.  “In the program you would drop things into loops and grids.  The way this particular track looked in the program was very patterned, like a grid.  Mingus’ recording is completely changed–I basically obliterated the source.  What I made sounds nothing like the original track.”

I asked Slinky about his phone and ringtones.  “I just use the ones my phone came with.  I actually find most ringtones to be annoying.  I don’t really get too many calls, so my ringtones don’t have to be too fancy.”


Check out Slinky’s collaborative Kracfive project Iron Chef of Music.  He turned me onto this site/project a few years ago, and I think that’s why I sought him out for a Local Tone.  Thanks for contributing, Slinky.  Here’s his Half Minute Gush Tone.

There’s a whole nother conversation I could start about Slinky’s remix tone after having read Lawrence Lessig’s awesome book Remix, but that’s a whole nother post waiting on the back burner…  As the blurb about the book on Lessig’s site says:

In this, the last of his books about copyright, Lawrence Lessig maps both a way back to the 19th century, and to the promise of the 21st. Our past teaches us about the value in “remix.” We need to relearn the lesson. The present teaches us about the potential in a new “hybrid economy” — one where commercial entities leverage value from sharing economies. That future will benefit both commerce and community. If the lawyers could get out of the way, it could be a future we could celebrate.

There are implications to Slinky’s work in the context of this ringtone sharing project that bridge much of what Lessig writes about and the ringtone sharing economy I’ve created with big help from deeplocal and Encyclopedia Destructica.


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