Larry Rippel’s General Custer Meta Tone


Here I am at the Encyclopedia Destructica ringtone recording session with Larry Rippel, the awesome photographer who showed up to make a tone that night and take pictures.  When it came time to make his tone, Rippel wanted me to capture something off his iPhone–a track he recorded many years ago in Pittsburgh called “General Custer” by the Cardboards.  He recorded the audio in 1979 at Carnegie Mellon University with a Panasonic cassette player/recorder.  The Cardboards were friends of his.  Here’s Larry Rippel’s General Custer Meta Tone.

Larry simply said he wanted to share this song with the public.  I’m glad he did.  Are any of the Cardboards still around?  Do they like their meta tone (meta in a couple of different ways since it was recorded off of Larry’s iPhone, and instead of transfering the electronic file from device to device, I re-recorded it with my field equipment as it played on his phone).

Too bad we can’t get this ringtone on Larry’s iPhone.  AT&T won’t allow MMS!  Everybody who has an iPhone and wants these tone on their phones should call AT&T RIGHT NOW and complain!  That’s an order.


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3 responses to “Larry Rippel’s General Custer Meta Tone

  1. Kim Walter


    This is great!! If this exists as an MP3 file, then we can certainly adapt it to work as a ringtone on an iPhone. Can someone send me the MP3 file?

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