Hylatone: Tone for Liminal Citizenship


Hyla Willis is one of my project advisers.  She is an artist, faculty at Robert Morris and a member of subRosa.  She came out to Encyclopedia Destructica studios on the very rainy ringtone making night and brought her portable (but pretty hefty) record player and an old Folkways record.  The player was a beaut.  Check out this snake-head needle:



Hyla wanted a “locked groove” ringtone from the end of one side of “Folk and Classical Music of Korea,” produced by Harold Courlander in 1951 during the war.  Here’s the subtle yet sophisticated Hylatone (Tone for Liminal Citizenship).  Hyla said she wanted “to share a sound which will some day become extinct and to evoke a sound of in-between-ness.”  I can dig it.  Thanks for lugging your awesome record player out in the rain, Ms. Hyla!

Hyla's Record Was Also Pretty Special

Hyla's Record Was Also Pretty Special (Photo by Larry Rippel)


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